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No matter where you are in your business journey Zubifi's full-featured accounting software coupled with our modern contact management and email marketing tools will give you a leg up on the competition and help you level-up.

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Why Use Zubifi?

Zubifi is an online Accounting, CRM, and Email Marketing platform designed to to help business owners optimize the task of managing their business. Our fully integrated solution enables you to highly leverage the data you already collect to provide better insights, improve customer retention, and drive long term success. Learn more...

Help Us Help Others

Part of our mission is to give back. We are partnering with Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke Cancer Institute to help with brain tumor research and find a cure for this dreaded disease. We pledge to donate a portion of Zubifi's profits each year to further this cause as it is very close to our hearts. Find out why...

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Gain insights about your business with our income and expense management tools. Easily create invoices, pay bills, enter timesheets, and optimize your tax-time reporting.

Contact Management (CRM)

Easily review recent conversations, emails, invoices, and other interactions. Add custom fields, and then mine your own data to develop impactful customer insights.

Email Marketing

Create new leads and drive sales with our fully customizable email marketing service, the #1 proven method for generating new sales and improving customer retention.


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