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Our Story

In 1998 our founder, John Brown, launched his first startup. He started his own web site design company mostly doing side jobs for friends and acquaintances he met working odd jobs in his local community. At the time he had no real understanding of the world of finance and bookkeeping. He ended up working with a family friend to assist and as the years carried on he took over doing his own bookkeeping.

Through college his small side company grew as did his experience with various software solutions for bookkeeping. He used Intuit’s Quickbooks, Freshbooks, GnuCash, and a host of other online and desktop software solutions. Each had its own quirks and limitations. Over the years he grew more frustrated with the options on the market. John along with one of his business partners at the time tried a few home grown ideas/options and each had their own version of success. For a time John worked in a small business incubator where he had the opportunity to socialize with startups of all shapes and sizes. He used this time to expand not only his network of contacts but to expand his understanding of what the real trouble was with bookkeeping. Through all of this John realized that the market was ripe for someone to finally breathe fresh air (and ideas) into the space. Something that would bring together functions that could enable startups, like all the ones John was directly involved in or had intimate knowledge of, to be more successful. He realized that each contact, customer, or client was the critical element and how those relationships were fostered ultimately proved whether the business would succeed or fail.

In 2018, John began designing a new solution to address these shortcomings. The system would need to be built from scratch and it would need to enable startups and small businesses to connect with their customers in a deeper and more meaningful way. It was going to be a challenge, but we at Zubifi live by the motto "If it was easy then anyone could do it." Challenge Accepted.

Every day was an exciting struggle to overcome limitations, stretch understanding, and leverage experience. With each new line of code the solution began to take shape. In the end we believe that the marriage of Bookkeeping and Email Marketing functions with a foundation of Contact Relationship Management will revolutionize how we think about business.

It was truly special to see the idea become a design which was turned into an application and then to launch that into the market place.

Who We Are

Zubifi, Inc. is a privately owned US-based company that provides an all-in-one solution for business management operations encompassing accounting, contact relationship management, and email marketing tools and technologies.

Our Founders

John Brown, President, Head of Engineering
John Brown
Head of Engineering
Nicki Brown, Vice President, Head of Marketing
Nicki Brown
Head of Marketing

Fun Facts

  • Officially incorporated in February 2019
  • System designed from the ground-up for the SaaS model
  • Team with background in startups/small businesses going back to before 2000
  • Entrepreneurial focused from day one
  • We use Zubifi to manage our own accounting
  • We believe we can make a difference and our intent is to do so one person/company at a time
  • All businesses—no exceptions—in the United States are required to manage their finances (for tax and other reporting purposes)

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