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Our Story

In 2017, our Founder, John Brown, began the journey of developing a custom software solution to address many of the problems that he had endured throughout his many years working with startups and new businesses.

The vision was simple. Zubifi would be a system that would completely integrate the basic features that most entreprenuers require when starting a new venture. It would be built from scratch and leverage the power of the cloud. For the vision to be realized, Zubifi needed to provide a way to generate new leads, convert those leads into payng customers, handle the invoicing and payment process, and empower the user to develop long-term relationships with their customers. Simple enough, right?

It took 18 months to develop a fully featured prototype. After extensive testing the prototype was released as a public Beta in April of 2019. Six months later version 1.0 of Zubifi was deployed.

Since our initial launch, the Zubifi team has continued to iterate on a robust roadmap that maps out our ongoing journey to provide the best (and only) software solution to fully manage the needs of businesses everywhere.

Who We Are

Zubifi, Inc. is a privately owned US-based company that provides an all-in-one solution for business management operations encompassing accounting, contact relationship management, and email marketing tools and technologies.

Our Founders

John Brown, President, Head of Engineering
John Brown
Head of Engineering
Nicki Brown, Vice President, Head of Marketing
Nicki Brown
Head of Marketing

Fun Facts

  • Incorporated in February 2019
  • System designed from the ground-up for the Cloud-based SaaS model
  • Team has extensive experience in startups/small businesses
  • Entrepreneurial focused from day one

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