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Diversify for Success

As a musician, one of the questions I get most often is, “What do you play?”  Seems like a simple question, but not always easy to answer.  I go to …

So You Think You Can…Be Inspired?

I am not much for reality TV, I usually stick to the classics like The Office, LOST, and re-runs of Seinfeld and Friends. However, this past week when So You …

Hard Times Come Again No More: Part II

Now to the second part: Going Local.

I’m a big fan of local music and art. I enjoy actually meeting the people responsible for making something. Like Jack Jennings who is a local metallurgist who made my wedding ring. Sara and I bought this great vegetable bin from a local man who had just had a stroke but we did get to talk to his daughter. Not to mention friends of ours will often give us some form of photography or painting for Christmas each year. These things mean more to me and always will. They have a story and a history attached to them.