We Care About Your Data Because we use Zubifi ourselves

At Zubifi we know that our customers depend on us as an important part of their business. We take this responsibility very seriously. To deliver on our responsibilities, our team works tirelessly to insure that our software is reliable, available, and most importantly secure. We follow a layered approach to security which insures our software and equipment is up to the task.

Layer 1. Architecture

At the core of Zubifi is an architecture built to provide a responsive, reliable, and secure experience for our customers. We follow industry best practices for hardware isolation, data encryption, and networking components. Our software and systems are designed to be fully scalable and self-healing to limit any interruptions to our customers, and our support team provides around-the-clock availability for monitoring and issue resolution.

We also fully adhere to the industry best practice of least-privileged access to insure your data is always secure.


Layer 2. Hardware & Platform

All our systems are encrypted and physically secured inside world class facilities where they can be monitored 24/7. Our service is resilient on a massive scale with load balancers, clustered services, and cloud-based technology deployed into and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our systems utilize continous and redundant backups to prevent data loss and all backups are encrypted and physically secured following industry best practices.


Layer 3. Networking

Our network architecture is implemented so that there is logical and physical isolation between all layers within our platform. All internal traffic travels over private encrypted channels with multiple layers of firewalls including TCP/IP port blocking, IP routing, network and server-based firewalls.

Our external traffic only travels over SSL/TLS (which you can see by the "lock" in your browser). Once you hand your data off to Zubifi you can be comforted in that only approved services and channels can be followed to access that data and any of its backups.


Layer 4. Data & Storage

Within the Zubifi ecosystem all data is isolated and encrypted using industry standard 256-bit encryption. Sensitive information should only be entered in areas that explicitly call for it and all data entered is encrypted in transit and when stored. While we do not store cardholder data within the Zubifi platform as a rule, when cardholder data storage is required we leverage PCI compliant partners to insure the highest levels of security for this data.


Layer 5. Access

Our highest layer is our data access layer. This includes our web servers and the web pages that you interact with on a regular basis. All access layers are encrypted via industry standard 256-bit encryption, continuously monitored, and accesses logged. We utilize Extended Validation SSL certifications when possible to add an extra level of comfort.


If you have any security concerns or questions please contact us directly.

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